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Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance, SEO techniques

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Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance, SEO techniques

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In November 2020 GTmetrix finally got an update. Nowadays, it looks like another Lighthouse or better a twin of PageSpeed Insights. Results and fix proposals follow Google’s guidelines and all SEOs got crazy. All? Not, all…keep calm and continue reading!

Browsers like Chrome normally block page scrolling during the initial page load. They block scroll until JavaScript is executed. With JavaScript already blocking the main-thread, smooth scrolling is not possible. This has a negative impact on page experience for your visitors.

Passive event listeners resolve this issue, allowing you to improve your visitors’ experience.

Passive event listeners are a new feature in the DOM spec that enable developers to opt-in to better scroll performance by eliminating the need for scrolling to block on touch and wheel event listeners. Developers can annotate touch and wheel listeners with {passive: true} to indicate that they will never invoke preventDefault. This feature shipped in Chrome 51, Firefox 49.

How do touch and wheel event listeners affect page performance?

An event listener is associated with JavaScript and is used by the browser to track user inputs.

Depending on the nature of the input, they are categorized as follows:

  • Scroll event listeners – to track scroll bar inputs.
  • Pointer event listeners – to track mouse pointer inputs.
  • Touch event listeners – to track touch/finger inputs.
  • Wheel event listeners – to track mouse wheel inputs.
Browsers like Chrome can’t know if a touch or wheel event listener is going to cancel the scroll. So, they must always wait for the listener to finish, blocking page scrolling in the process.

This may introduce an undesired effect called scroll jank, where the page stutters or doesn’t respond smoothly to user inputs. Your visitors may find this experience frustrating. It gives them the impression that your page is unresponsive to their interactions.

Adding a passive: true or the (minified js equivalent) {passive:!0} flag to the event listener, tells the browser to allow page scrolling immediately, rather than wait for the script containing the event listener to finish executing.

How to Use passive listeners to improve SEO scrolling performance?

To fix this audit issue, Measure tool from propose us to consider marking our touch and wheel event listeners as passive. This way, we can improve our page’s scroll performance. By adding a passive: true or {passive:!0} flag to every event listener flagged by GTmetrix or Lighthouse you get a few points up.

Quick steps to implement the solution for passive event listeners in WordPress:

  1. Open your javascript file (it is the related file that GTmetrix or Lighthouse proposes to fix and ends with the suffix .js ) with a text editor of your choice, like notepad++.
  2. Then, perform a quick search by pressing on your keyboard the control button plus the button with letter F (CTRL+F).
  3. Inside the pop-up window, add the term addEventListener and press “search“. You will be shown all the instances of the searched term inside your document.
  4. Find every addEventListener and step by step, one after another, do your changes from {passive: false} to {passive: true} or {passive: !0} . I prefer small changes at a time, it is easier to spot any problems.

For example, find in your javascript file (e.g. jquery-1.12.4.min.js) the row with an event listener. It could be many of them. Add after the second comma, inside the parenthesis, your fix like:

document.addEventListener('touchstart', onTouchStart, {passive: true});

Note that the above code is only valid for browsers that support passive event listeners. Be very careful, you must keep a backup before doing anything. Your score will definitely increase. Sometimes, there might be a small chance, where your performance slightly decrease, in favor of structure. Decide, which metrics is better and keep or undo any changes. For enhanced performance, always minimize your .js script, you can try many tools, even online!

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