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Missing field “hasMerchantReturnPolicy” (in “offers”)- Shopify Product Schema Solution

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Missing field “hasMerchantReturnPolicy” (in “offers”)- Shopify Product Schema Solution

Are you missing the Google Search Console warning about the field has merchant return policy, “hasMerchantReturnPolicy”, which should be included in your offers Schema? Is your Shopify Product Schema still missing this field of Structured Data? Please, continue reading on how we solved the issue. We did it, already, for the, and we applied our fix to the Shopify product.liquid template.

First of all, you have propably received:

about a missing field called hasMerchantReturnPolicy.

We remind you about the Google developer’s page (, where you can Test your structured data. Moreover, we also added the shippingDetails Schema Structured Data in the JSON code at, check it!

In case you are still wondering, there is no major problem with your site. This warning does not mean something is broken with your webpages. The actual reason for this “reminder”, it’s because Google has updated its handling of product schema for returns policies.

The missing field “Merchant Return Policy” – solution for your Shopify Store

Hereafter, we provide you with an example of code to embed. Place it in your product.liquid offers schema. Copy and paste this solution, in your Product Offers Schema. Access your Shopify Store code and add the following:

"hasMerchantReturnPolicy": { /* thanks to Efthymios from */
         "@type": "MerchantReturnPolicy",
         "applicableCountry": "AU",
          "returnPolicyCategory": "",
          "merchantReturnDays": 30,
          "returnMethod": "",
          "returnFees": ""

Pay attention to the comma at the end! It is vital to include it. The Product Offers Schema JSON code has more than one required or recommended product properties.

  • Do you have a Shopify return policy?
  • Do you know how to create a Shopify return policy?
  • Would you like to ask someone, how to fix all Missing from your return policy?

In case you don’t feel eligible to implement the merchant return policy code in your Shopify Liquid template, don’t hesitate to contact us, for a fix at your Rich Results Markup. We will add all necessary structured data for you, on every product page.

This code can be applied to any WordPress eshop or website, too!

For more JSON Structure Data examples, for free, without using any extra plugin, you can also check: how to add FAQ Shopify Schema Markup to your webpage. Just click the previously mentioned link, and you will find out that it is so easy!

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